Maxstone Cladding Systems

Maxstone Technical Bulletin & Installation Guide

Maxstone Cladding System - Technical Bulletin

Standard Details

Feature Wall/Fireplace - Direct Fixed

Stone Cladding Over Block - Capping Stone

Corner Details

Internal Corner with WB's

Internal Corner With Ply Cladding

External WBs - With Facing

External Ply Cladding - With facing

Internal WBs - With Facing and Scriber

Internal Corner with Monier Brick

External WBs - With facing and Scriber

External Ply Cladding - With Scriber

External Corner with Brick

Vertical and Horizontal Joint Details

Vertical Joint - Cladding to EIFS

Horizontal Joint - EIFS and Stone Sill

Horizontal Joint - Plaster over brick with stone sill

Vertical joint - cladding to ply

Horizontal joint - ply cladding on cavity

horizontal joint - brick and stone sill

Vertical Joint - Cladding to WBs

Horizontal Joint - Ply cladding on cavity with flashing

Horizontal joint - plaster over 9mm cement board

Above Roof / Chimney Details

Chimney cap - flashing to stone

Roof Abutment - Longrun Roofing

Chimney Cap - Flashing to timber

Roof Abutment - Concrete tile Roofing

Roof Abutment - Metal Tile Roofing

Window Details

Internal Corner with joinery

Internal/External transition - with joinery

Window jamb - standard application

internal/External transition - with joinery and batten

Window head - EX 50x25mm battens

Window sill - 80mm standard application

Column Detail

Square column with downlight - base and soffit

square column with WB or Ply - with sill

Square half column - sill

tapered half column - top

Square column with downlight - base and capping stone

square half column - narrow

tapered half column - base

Meter Box Detail

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