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Tilemax has an extensive range of tiles suitable for outdoor and swimming pool use. Are you refurbishing your existing pool or adding a brand new one to your home? Our range of swimming pool tiles offers many styles, colours and sizes to choose from.

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Tilemax are the experts in the latest tile trends. Discover both classic and contemporary styles for kitchens, bathrooms, walls and floors. 

Outdoor TILE FAQ's

Will my tiles fade or damaged or chlorine?

No, pool tiles are designed with this in mind so they will not discolor or fade over time.

Can pool tiles also be used inside as a splashback?

Yes, they can, the same installation process as interior tiles apply.

Can I use porcelain interior tiles for pools?

Yes, these can be used for pool floors, walls, and steps. We do recommend using a tile with antislip qualities for pool floors and steps.

Do you offer a solution for using grout as an all-in-one adhesive and grout?

With our Davco Glass Mosaic Additive mixed with our Davco Elite grout, you will be able to glue and grout in one simple step. Please contact our instore team for more information on these products prior to installation.

Will darker colour pavers get hotter in Summer?

Darker tiles tend to not reflect sunlight as well as lighter-coloured tiles thus resulting in warmer tiles during summer months.

Are Porcelain Pavers easy to clean?

Being exterior tiles, the surfaces are textured to meet antislip ratings. To clean simply use a hose with a hard bristle brush, this will be best way to maintain your product. We also have a range of Aquamix cleaners and maintenance products.

Can I use Procelain pavers on an existing balcony or to build a deck?

Yes, this can be achieved by using in conjunction with our Maximus Pedestal system.

Can Porcelain Pavers be installed like normal porcelain tiles and grouted?

Provided they are installed on a concrete substrate these can be bedded down in tile adhesive and grouted.

When laying pavers down on grass, can they be touching, or do they need to have a space in-between?

They need to be spaced apart; cracking can occur when there is movement if the pavers are touching. We also recommend compacting the substrate prior to laying the pavers.

Can anti-slip exterior tiles be used around a pool?

Yes, this is a great option as it will ensure the maximum amount of grip.

Can anti-slip exterior tiles be used as pool floor tiles?

Yes, these are a great substitute for the common Pool floor Mosaics

Can anti-slip exterior tiles be used as interior floor tiles?

They can, but only in certain circumstances. Due to the grip nature of the antislip surface, cleaning becomes harder as the surface grips to microfiber cloths and dirt can be difficult to remove. We recommending talking to one of our sales team before ordering.

What makes a tile slip resistant?

The texture of the surface

Do your ranges come in antislip for pool floors and smooth for walls?

Depending on the range some pool tiles come in both options.

How many mosaic tiles do I need per m2?

Most mosaic tiles work out to be 30x30cm, based on this you will need
11 Mosaic sheets per m2. Our instore teams are well trained in quoting off plans for your project, get in contact if you would us to help.

Do you have all the products I need to istall tiles into a pool?

Yes, we have the full range of products and tools to help complete the job. We do recommend that you use a trades professional for a pool related job as they generally have the correct certification for installing waterproofing membranes.

Do you have pool edge tiles?

Yes, we have a range of pool coping and bullnose tiles. These are under the Endura 20xm Porcelain Paver range. Please contact one of our branches for more information.

Can I use sand between porcelian pavers when placed on grass?

Using sand is a great way to fill the gaps between the pavers and will help to lock the individual pavers in place.

Can porcelain pavers be used around a pool area?

Yes, pavers are a great option for around pool floors

Do porcelain pavers require sealing or maintenance?

Being porcelain, these have very low porosity, so they do not require sealing as natural stone does.

Can porcelain pavers be used in conjunction with raised pedestals?

Yes, all of our 20mm thick pavers are designed to be used with a Pedestal system such as our Maximus Range.

Can exterior tiles be laid down on grass like pavers?

We do not recommend doing this, being these are only 10mm thick, there is a higher chance of them fracturing during point loading.

Do you have matching interior tiles to the exterior tile range?

In certain ranges we do have matching for indoor and outdoor flow. Please contact our branch for more information.

What is an R rating when reviewing tiles?

The common adopted measure for exterior tiles is the “Oil Wet Ramp Test” which reports as “R” followed by a number. Ranges from R9 – R13. As a rule of thumb R11 and higher is acceptable for exterior wet areas. A higher number means more anti-slip.

Swimming Pool FAQ's

Do your ranges come in antislip for pool floors and smooth for walls?

Depending on the range some pool tiles come in both options.

How many mosaic tiles do I need per m2 of pool tiling?
Do you have all the products I need to install tiles into a pool?
Do you have pool edge tiles?
Can I use porcelain interior tiles for pools?

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