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Find durable, easy-clean and non-slip floor tiles to complete your kitchen in style. Order samples online, or visit our stores. Let our friendly tiling experts help you select the perfect tile to give your kitchen the polished look it deserves.

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Tilemax are the experts in the latest tile trends. Discover both classic and contemporary styles for kitchens, bathrooms, walls and floors. 

Kitchen Floor FAQ's

Why is one kitchen floor tile more expensive than another?

Kitchen floor tiles can range in price for a couple of different reasons, the main one being where they are sourced from. If for instance we import a tile from Italy the price of shipping is far more than say importing a tile from Australia.
Another factor is how much we import, we may import 500m2 of one tile and only 50m2 of another, giving us greater buying power.
We are constantly bringing in new ranges of tile and as older lines stop being produced we lower the price on these to free up more space in our warehouse.

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