Underfloor Heating

Costs and benefits of using underfloor heating in your home

Winter has well and truly arrived here in NZ! And Tilemax is here to give you the inside information on underfloor heating.

Did you know that tiles are a great aid in helping to heat and cool your home? Or that if your underfloor heating is insulated correctly, you can save a huge amount on UFH running costs?

MAX SAYS… “Under Floor Heating adds great value to your home and isn’t as expensive as you may think!”

Tilemax is pleased to supply the Warmfloor Under Floor Heating System! This is a New Zealand-made and designed system tailored for New Zealand conditions and our variable climate. This is great as it saves you on running costs over time – especially during the cold and damp winter months!

This system has an approximate running cost of $0.50c per day per m2 (less if you use an insulation board!). Also, by controlling your heated towel rail with their thermostat to only heat when it is needed (typically 4 hours a day), a 500-watt heated floor will not increase your current total power usage. Controlling the towel rail can produce savings of up to $175.00 annually!

Get in contact with us for more information on this fantastic system today, we are more than happy to do a free measure and quote for you!