Artisan Eco Royale Corner 200x200mm

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Artisan Eco Royale Corner 200x200mm

$9.90 each(incl GST)

$9.90 each(incl GST)

Retail price: $9.90 each(incl GST)

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Cement tiles are said to have first appeared in the 19th century and used extensively in France, the look and style then spread to the rest of Europe and the Americas. The Encaustic Cement tile is evident in thousands of landmark public buildings, homes and palaces around the world. Artisan Eco tiles are made in the traditional method, by hand one at a time using natural mineral pigments to give an authentic look. The pigmented colours are manually applied one by one in a handmade copper mould. The final Encaustic thickness is around 3mm over a strong cement base.

Reflecting the traditional style and authentic look, Artisan Eco Encaustic tiles will feature slight imperfections which provides the tiles unique character and the desired true vintage look.

Artisan Eco Encaustic Cement tiles should be sealed for easy care and maintenance.

Suitable for exterior
Floors and walls

* Please note that listed prices in-store may vary for Queenstown and Dunedin due to high transport costs.

Not sure yet? Order a sample. (Only $3.90 plus delivery)

Porcelain Tile: Water Absorption below 0.5% |
Semi Vitrified Tile: Between 0.5% - 3% |
Ceramic Tile: 3% Plus |


Surface Finish


Size (mm)
Sizes stated are nominal sizes.


Area per product
This confirms the square metre coverage for each tile or mosaic sheet.


Anti-slip rating
Slip Rating helps to make it easy when determining whether a tile is suitable for its intended application. Predominantly these are used for outdoor or commercial areas.

There are two common slip resistance tests adopted by New Zealand:
1. Australian Pendulum test which gives a result between P0-P5.
2. European Oil-Wet Ramp test which gives a result between R9-R13.

As a rule of thumb R11/P4 and higher is acceptable for exterior wet areas. A higher number means more anti-slip.


V1 = Uniform appearance from tile to tile
V2 = Slight variation from tile to tile
V3 = Features moderate variation from tile to tile
V4 = Features substantial variation from tile to tile



1.5 each



Sealing Required
Natural tile products requires sealing with a penetrating sealer during installation, we recommend doing this before your tiling commences. Please contact us for the best products to use with this range.


Relative Size


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Order a Sample

Artisan Eco Royale Corner 200x200mm

We have prepared samples which are approximately 150x150mm in size for wall and floor tiles. Some plain tiles with no or little colour movement and mosaic pieces may be 100x100mm or other suitable size.

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We send these samples to you packaged with a courier. Expect to receive these 1-3 working days after your order is received. (North Island locations 1-2 days and South Island locations 2-3 days).