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Cotto Pinot 300x300mm

This is the real McCoy... a high quality natural terracotta. Nothing looks as good as the real thing. This tile has great natural blends.

Key details - 14mm thick.

Terracotta is extruded and fired in a kiln, the finished result is a traditional terracotta which blends from tile to tile. The product is resistance to salt, frost and is naturally slip resistant which means it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Ideal for decks, patios, swimming pools family rooms, pathways, living spaces. The product features a co-ordinating bullnose/stepnose piece which can be used on stairs, edge of pool, patios and the like.

Sealing will be required if you want a pristine crisp finish.

Sold on basis of 10.3 tiles per sqm, which allows for the specified 12mm grout joint.
Samples are only $3.90 plus delivery.

Product Information

Material: Terracotta
 Surface Finish: Antislip
 Edge Finish: Cushioned
A rectified edge is mechanically finished on sides to achieve uniform size and optimum precision which allows a smaller grout joint.
A cushioned edge is the same as pressed edge and is traditional and has minor roll/arc on the edges.
 Size (mm): 300x300
Sizes stated are nominal sizes.
Area per product (m2): 0.0973
 Glaze PEI Abrasion Resistance: n/a

Grade 0 = Wall use only
Grade 1 = Light duty domestic bathroom floors
Grade 2 = Light duty domestic home with soft footware
Grade 3 = All residential & light commercial areas
Grade 4 = All residential & medium – heavy commercial areas
Grade 5 = All Public buildings, shopping malls – extreme use
  Exterior Anti-slip Rating:
The common adopted measure for exterior tiles is the “Oil Wet Ramp Test” which reports as “R” followed by a number. Ranges from R9 - R13. As a rule of thumb R10 and higher is acceptable for exterior wet areas. A higher number means more anti-slip.
 Variation: V3

V1 = Uniform appearance from tile to tile
V2 = Slight variation from tile to tile
V3 = Features moderate variation from tile to tile
V4 = Features substantial variation from tile to tile
Weight (kg per m2): 28
 Sealing Required: Y
Some unglazed and natural products require sealers to keep the surface easy to clean and keep the product maintained. Tilemax imports many polished porcelain tiles that feature a “nano technology” sealed surface to save the sealing requirement after installation, hence these products do not require sealing. However after prolonged use or extreme wear these products may require resealing to maintain the surface.
Colour: Terracotta

Product Order

Price per square metre ($): 79.90
Number of square metres required:
 Cutting Allowance:
Total Cost ($):

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