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Its All About The People!

Want a single system that can give you access to all your member companies and contacts details?
Your organisation will no doubt be dealing with members, contacts, partners, patrons and them some. LYNX has been built to combat that time-honoured tradition of looking for a contact number or a postal address that more often than not, is stored on a spreadsheet, or in some file held on your inhouse server.
So why not alleviate having to search, search and search again by having a single database, accessible anywhere, anytime...

Manage and maintain member details

If you are a membership organisation, LYNX can has been built to maintain member records.
You can record member types, load attachements and if there is more than one contact, not a problem. There are a lot of membership organsitions who advertise members on their public website. If this is you, you might also be interested in LYNX's member directory feature, built to publish member profiles and logos on your website, adding value to your membership offering.


Need more than one contact per company 

It is inevitable that you will have more than one contact attached to an organisation. If this is the case, we can help!
LYNX has been built with the ability to add multiple Contacts to an organisation. What’s even better here is that you will be able to specify who your primary contact is and then some.

Members and Contacts with scalable features 

If members and contacts are key to your very existence LYNX can help.
Once you have updated LYNX with all of your member records, there are a number of ways you can utilise their records. This can include but is not limited to: displaying a list of current members on your website; assigning specific login privileges to member or contact only areas and establishing specific targeted mailing lists.   






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